SDI is the leading company, specializing in Bridge Building Equipment, Heavy Lifting and Transportation Equipment and Construction Services. It is a joint venture company formed in 2010 by New Dafang Group registered in China and Strukturas AS registered in Norway.The parent companies are both leading global suppliers in the field of bridge building equipment. Standing on the shoulders of the two giants and focusing on bridge projects, SDI uses its best-fit international resources to service our clients. Combined Force
SDI has its own highly experienced design team of over 40 engineers and technicians, and can call upon the resources of its two parent companies NDF and Strukturas which have design teams with 120 and 30 experienced and stable members respectively.These design teams include specialists in the fields of steel structures, machinery, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, bridge construction, heavy lifting and specialized transportation. Advanced Technologies and Tools
We use the most advanced design software, 3D modelling and structural calculation programs available, and for the international market design and calculation work is carried out in accordance to European standards.
For manufacturing SDI relies on NDF’s extensive production resources and well established partnering agreements with several other workshops in China.Using these resources we can complete the processing and manufacturing of equipment and steel structures with an annual capacity of over 50,000 tons.
SDI Main Factory:
90,000m² outdoor assembly & work yard;
35,000m² operation test yard;
2000m long heavy-duty test road(with slope)
Annual fabrication capacity: over 100 sets of large-scaled bridge building equipment.
Annual steel processing capacity: over 50,000 tons.