Clescrane positions in the research of advanced materials handling technology, manufacture and sales. We, as the export branch of Luoyang Crane Factory Co., Ltd., were founded in 2012. We have been committed to promote our low headroom products to overseas market to service vast overseas customers. As early as 2009, we have successfully developed a series of core lifting modules such as the electric hoist especially for assembly manufacturing, new type low headroom electric hoist, clean room electric hoist and large tonnage crane with open winch trolley and so on.
As the senior crane manufacturer, Luoyang Crane Factory has accumulated rich experience in the past more than six decades. Our products have gotten ISO9001 certificate; the core hoisting modules have passed CE certificate. Clescrane provides professional material handling solutions for clients: Lifting solutions for clean rooms in electronic industry; Special crane solutions for assembly industry, such as engine, automobile, engineering machinery, etc. and for automatic assembly lines; Solutions for the pickling equipment assembly lines in chemical industry; Crane solutions for steel and non-ferrous metals industry; More hooks and special load handling attachment lifting solutions for paper industry, as well as other special crane solutions.